I love to follow so many bloggers , will learn everytime  new things by following below  tech guru  website so  I thought I’d just dedicate a separate page to it. Below you’ll find the names and websites of some of the most influential and ‘known’ community members sharing their knowledge, a great resource on its own if you ask me! Make sure to check them out from time to time, you’ll find  some awesome and educational content on their websites. I’ve also included some Microsoft, VMware, Storage etc. related bloggers  in there as well, since more often than not, one doesn’t do much without the other. . Not all sites listed are a 100% committed to just blogging and or writing technical articles, never the less, no matter which one you pick, you’ll learn something new for sure. Found a broken link? Let me know.

Bas Van Kaam http://www.basvankaam.com/  Citrix  & All – My Favorite
Carl Webster http://carlwebster.com/ Citrix & MS
Carl Stalhood http://www.carlstalhood.com/ Citrix
Andrew Morgan http://www.andrewmorgan.ie Thin IO / general info
Barry Schiffer http://www.barryschiffer.com General info
Danny van Dam http://www.citrix-guru.com General info
Dennis Smith http://www.gourami.eu Citrix tools
Duncan Epping http://www.yellow-bricks.com VMware / vSAN
Eric Trond http://www.xenappblog.com Citrix Education
Esther Barthel http://www.virtues.it General info
Frank Denneman http://www.frankdenneman.nl VMware
George Kuruvilla http://www.blog.gkuruvilla.org Citrix
Hans de Leenheer http://www.hansdeleenheer.blogspot.com VMware
Helmer van Sandbergen http://www.helmersblog.nl Microsoft
Henny Louwers http://www.hlouwers.wordpress.com Microsoft
Igor van der Burgh http://www.b-critical.com/blog General info
Ingmar Verheij http://www.ingmarverheij.com General info
Jarian Gibson http://www.jariangibson.com Genral info
Jasper Kraak http://www.kraak.com Microsoft Guru
Jef Rohner http://www.citrixxperience.com Citrix education
Jeroen Tielen http://www.jeroentielen.nl General info
Kees Baggerman http://www.blog.myvirtualvision.com General info
Marcel Vennema http://www.marcelvenema.com/Blog General info
Marius Sandu http://www.msandbu.wordpress.com General info
Martijn Hulsman http://www.martijn2share.wordpress.com General info
Matthijs van der Berg http://www.b3rg.nl Citrix NetScaler
Niel Spellings http://www.neil.spellings.net General info
Pascal Heldoorn http://www.pascalswereld.nl VMware
Patrick Kaak http://www.bitsofthoughts.com General info
Remco Wijnen http://www.remkoweijnen.nl/blog General info / scripting
Rink Spies http://www.rink76.wordpress.com General info
Robin Hobo http://www.robinhobo.com General info
Rob Beekmans http://www.vThoughtsofIT.blogspot.nl General info / VMware
Stephane Thirion http://www.archy.net General info / Citrix
Steve Greenberg http://www.thinclient.net/blog Citrix
Steven Poitres http://www.stevenpoitras.com Nutanix / VMware
Timco Hazelaar http://www.timcohazelaar.com Citrix NetScaler
Wilco van Bragt http://www.virtualization.vanbragt.net General info