Difference between Compact & Shrink in Windows Server 2008 & 2012 versions is,  in Win2008( for VHD)  it  compact’s & shrink if you select Compact option whereas in 2012(for VHDX) we need to shrink if you want to reduce the VHDX size and compact will do only compacts.


  • You will get shrink option only for VHDX format files.
  • You can run Power shell command to shrink VHD files – This is Good for VHD format files as it compacts and shrinks from command prompt
    • Mount-VHD -Path “C:\ClusterStorage\Volume7\Test\test.vhd” -Readonly   –> This will mount the VHD (VM need to be turned off)
    • Optimize-VHD -Path “C:\ClusterStorage\Volume7\Test\test.vhd” -Mode Quick   –> This will do compacts & shrinks
    • Dismount-VHD “C:\ClusterStorage\Volume7\Test\test.vhd” –> This will dismount the VHD from Disk Management

Hyper-v PS1

Windows Server 2012 ->Edit Disk  Option for VHDX type of Files Hyper-v VHDX-Pic1 Windows Server 2008->Edit Disk  Option for VHD type of Files

Hyper-v VHD-Pic2


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