Citrix Cloud offering that allows customers to host backend Virtual Apps and Desktops management components in the cloud. With Citrix Cloud, while the VDAs remain in the customer’s network / control, the control plane is hosted by Citrix and managed by them.

There are several advantages of Citrix Cloud. Some of the main incentives are that Citrix manages components on your behalf, Citrix makes those components available, and Citrix continually updates components hosted in the cloud for you.

These are the differences between hosting Citrix on-premises and using Citrix Cloud services.

Citrix on-premisesCitrix Cloud
Management LayerHosted by youHosted by Citrix on Citrix Cloud
Access LayerHosted by you by using StoreFront and traditional GatewayHosted by Citrix by using Workspace and Gateway Service (optional)
AvailabilityYour responsibilityCitrix’s responsibility
Updates and ManagementYour responsibilityCitrix’s responsibility

For more details on evaluation of Citrix Cloud , refer below George Spiers guides

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