• Citrix License errors were seen while logging to the server through RDP (screenshot 1)
  • Citrix Licensing was in stopped state, but there was established ICA session for the both Citrix Servers.
  • Tried to start the service manually, it thrown error with error code  1067. (screenshot 2)
  • Found  application error with code 1000, for lmadmin(screenshot 3)
  • SA license expired

Work Around Solution:

  • Renamed concurrent_state.xml and the activation_state.xml files.
  • Restarted Citrix License service to recreate the concurrent_state.xml and the activation_state.xml files


  • The concurrent_state.xml and/or the activation_state.xml files become unusable and the Citrix Licensing Service, lmadmin.exe, does not properly handle the unusable file and crashes – This may be due to corruption of XML Files
  • Office scan exclusion were not configured so there may be high chance of file(XML) corruption due to scanning blocks and XML files are easily corruptible .
  • Above file corruptions are Known issues  – Please check articles (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129747  & http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200151)

Recommended Action:

  • Plan for upgrade from citrix licensing server from 11.90 to high version (>11.10) to arrest all known issues– Makes sure to have valid SA else upgrade not possible.
  • Make sure to follow antivirus exclusions for xenapp folders.


XenApp License1


XenApp License3