In one of my customer infra, we have 5 nodes in Hyper-v 2012R2 cluster. Among these 5 nodes , always Node1 changing to pause mode automatically for every 30 mins..


Node1 is going to Pause State(With DO NOT FAIL ROLES BACK)  i.e., Node going to pause state without moving VM’s.


  • Issue is getting resolve only after stopping of SCVMM agent service on BHHV-A01.
  • There was a recent migration happened(approx. 2 months) from Hyper-v 2012 to 2012 R2 and SCVMM 2012 to 2012R2
  • No schedule tasks were configured

In ideal scenario, Hyper-v will be go in pause mode only if administrator keep in maintenance mode or SCVMM will keep node in pause mode if it  is configured with  Dynamic optimization or PRO in SCVMM -> But, these settings are not configured in SCVMM

Issue looks very typically as only one node is having an impact and issue resolving if we stop SCVMM agent on Node1

I know that SCVMM is cluprit as issue resolving post stopping of SCVMM agent service -> I have asked customer to reinstall SCVMM agent on Node1 but he is not convinced.

Started searching SCVMM known issues in forums and found the below resolution


It has been observed that, SCVMM was installed with RTM version in and there is a known  pause issue listed in Update Rollup 5.

Latest Rollup is Update Rollup 10 and below issue fixed in Rollup 5