I have recently executed Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop POC on Nutanix Hypervisor (AHV) platform, writing this post to share my technical knowledge gained in this project.

Project Goal:

  • Procure & Deliver Hardware (3 physical servers) with NVIDIA Graphics cards
  • Racking & Stacking of Hardware
  • Install Nutanix Hypervisor (AHV) on physical Servers
  • Build Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop Infra on Nutanix platform
  • VDI POC is only for Intranet users
  • Install & deliver basic applications like Office, Adobe and Intranet apps on VDI
  • Install & deliver high Graphics intensive applications CAD/CAM.
  • Deploy VDI for the total of 100 users

Refer the below high level design document which contains Prerequisites, Dependencies, Hardware Requirements, VDI Models, NVIDIA requirements etc..

Hardware Installation Checklist to install Nutanix for Citrix POC

Below IP’s s are posted here for example/reference for better understanding

Refer below document for installing Nutanix AHV Cluster on HP Servers

Post Installation of Nutanix, Installed Citrix Infrastructure components. I am not covering these installation steps in this post as many articles are available on internet.

This POC has a requirement of GPU workloads hence we have installed NVIDIA License server & NVIDIA Graphic drivers on host & guest machines. Follow below document to know the NVIDIA Installation procedure

This POC has a requirement of delivering Linux VDI workloads for CAD/CAM applications, Follow below post to know the VDA & Graphics installation procedure for Linux

Step by Step to install Linux Virtual Delivery Agent Installation for RHEL – Tech Blog (ramprasadtech.com)

Knowledge Base References

Note: This post will be updated with few more updates